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We're building an inclusive future for auto insurance.

When we peeled the curtains back in the way customers are priced in auto insurance today, and realized how much structural bias is baked into the existing insurer models - we felt strongly that this needed to change.

Why do you get the price you get? What goes into that? Can it be done better?

We set out to find out.

It turns out, your price is largely pre-determined based on your credit score, income, zip code you live in, marital status, education level.

All things that we believe are not the most accurate, or fair way to price people.

So, we created Loop.

Loop is a Public-Benefit Corporation that leverages AI-technology, big data, and telematics to create more fairly priced insurance products.

We're building a community-first insurance carrier. Where you are priced fairly, treated like a VIP, and have best-in-class product, all from your mobile phone.

We couldn't be more excited to build the future of insurance together with you.

Team Loop :)

Creating fair insurance for all.

Loop uses real-time data and AI to develop a car insurance price for every customer that is fair.

This means, we'll never ask you irrelevant questions about your income, credit score, occupation, or level of education. We'd be honored to have you as our customer.
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Yep! Getting insured is seamless and takes 5 minutes on average. Try it here.
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At your service, always :)
Our Team

Building the future of insurance.

John Henry
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Carey Anne Nadeau
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Ali Salhi
Ed Arovas
Head of Insurance
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